Located at the furthest edge of the boot between the stunning scenery of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Lecce is characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers that can reach an average temperature above 25 degrees.

Considered a beautiful city of art, Lecce will surprise you with its beauty, churches, both the archaeological sites and the natural parks. A charming city in southern Italy, capital of the province of Lecce, in the Apulia region. Founded in the Messapian era, Lecce is the easternmost province of Italy, between the Adriatic and lonian seas. Lecce’s captivating beauty extends beyond its architectural wonders: de facto the vibrant cultural scene along with its rich gastronomy contribute to the city’s allure. Explore the local cuisine, enjoy traditional delicacies and experience the lively festivals showing Lecce’s lively spirit, while strolling through its  picturesque alleys. Lecce promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Southern Italy.

Convitto Palmieri, an esteemed cultural center managed by the Bibliomuseum Pole of Lecce, is the venue for the upcoming event. This historic establishment originated as a Jesuit college in the 19th century. Today, it houses the renowned Provincial Library “Nicola Bernardini,” which was established in 1873. Additionally, it is home to the permanent printing museum and the “Carmelo Bene Archive,” which contains a collection of the artist’s personal library, belongings, as well as various materials such as costumes, stage elements, and furnishings.


  • By plane

The closest airports to Lecce are Brindisi (45 km) and Bari (164 km) airports.

From Brindisi Airport to Lecce

  • By Bus: The cheapest way to get to Lecce is using the bus. Price is €6.50 (a fee of €1.50 will be applied if you buy the ticket directly on the bus) and it stops at Lecce City Terminal. Check out timetables here.
  • Shuttle service: Airshuttle provides a pool taxi service (about €20). The ride has to be booked at least one day in advance. Click here for more info.
  • Taxi: Taxi service is available at the airport for about €80.

From Bari Airport to Lecce

  • By train: A shuttle train service is provided from the airport to the Bari central train station (price is €5). Current timetable is available here. From there you can reach Lecce by train (it takes about 1:30 hours, and there are 33 trains per day). Bari-Lecce train connections can be searched here.
  • Lecce central train station is within walking distance to the city center. Train connections can be searched here.
  • By car: From Rome, take A1 highway, towards Naples, and then A16 or A14, direction Bari. From Milan, take A14 highway, towards Bari. Once in Bari, take the road SS16 towards Brindisi-Lecce.